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This page is designed to provide a simple 'one stop' location for eQSL.cc eAward Chasers to help determine if a specific station: (1) is an 'active' eQSL member; (2) has approved 'AG' (Authenticity Guaranteed) Status; (required for most eQSL.cc and affiliated CQ Magazine awards); and (3) has actually uploaded log files recently.

This page also provides a handy way to see if YOU have new eQSL's waiting, without having to log into your account for this information. This widget is courtesy of eQSL.cc.

About the AG Search Results (important):

This is a simple 'string search' which will return any/all callsigns which include the string you entered. The idea here is to require you to ONLY have to enter the 'base' callsign. Example: inputing N5UP 'might' also return P4/N5UP, N5UP/P4 N5UP/QRP, etc. HOWEVER, the resulting list might also include KN5UP, N5UPX etc. Be sure to review the list you receive to verify the exact call you want is included.

This resulting list 'may' also indicate the last ADIF Upload Date in the format YYYY-MM-DD. The accuracy of this date may vary depending on how the log was last uploaded (ie: automatic logger upload, manual bulk upload, manual one-at-a-time upload, etc.). If this date is more than several weeks old, be sure to check the Full Profile search for 'last activity' date. "0000-00-00" means no date info is available. Check Full Profile. This database does not include SWL records.

To avoid needless loading of the busy eQSL.cc server, this page uses a local mirror copy of the official eQSL.cc AG Database. This local copy is updated once every 24 hours, and the current local version is shown at the bottom of the page.

About the Member Profile Lookup:

Important: this lookup requires the EXACT callsign of interest including any prefix or postfix. Profile information important to Award Chasers includes (1) the 'date range' of eQSL's the account currently accepts, and (2) whether the account has been de-activated by the original user. Unfortunately, an AG member account which has been de-activated, or is out of Date Range will STILL show up as a "Valid AG." This is one reason you may wish to check the AG Status, last ADIF upload date, and the Profile details.

Also important: just because a member has hundreds of eQSL's 'waiting' does NOT mean the account is not being actively managed. If the member is using an automated logging scheme, your eQSL request may be automatically confirmed, even though your call may still be in the long list of waiting eQSL's. Double-check the "Last ADIF Upload Date" using the AG Search.

About "Are New eQSL's waiting for you??":

This handy little widget is provided courtesy of eQSL.cc. If you are visiting this page for AG status or a Member Profile, you might want to see if any new eQSL's are waiting for you while you are here!


This page was constructed for the convenience of local eQSL eAward Chasers, and is made available to other eQSL Members who may find it helpful. No warranties of any kind are expressed or implied, and the maintainers of this page should not be contacted for "How-To" questions related to actual eQSL operation. The eQSL.cc Help Desk and Support Forums are the appropriate avenues for such inquiries.

73 and good luck with your eAward pursuits! Ted (W8KVK)

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