Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA)
APRS Mapping Experiment
June 2012

An informal APRS Tactical Mapping experiment conducted during the June 2012 Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA). This was not an 'official' part of GOBA operations, but since GOBA was using APRS beaconing on a few of its vehicles this year, and these vehicles were travelling in our general Southern Ohio vicinity, this provided an opportunity to test drive some newer APRS mapping and software tools. The focus was on ways in which APRS techniques and technology can be used as a tactical and logistics support tool. A short narrated slide presentation summarizes the results and examples from this experiment. It runs roughly 10 minutes in Windows Media Player (.WMV) format, and is roughly 26 MegaBytes in size. The file may be viewed or downloaded via this link.

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