Athens Co OH 2021 Ham License Expirations

Athens County Ohio
Year 2021 Ham License Expirations
(as of September 1, 2020)

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Expires   ULS/FRN Cl     Name              City 
---------- ------ - -----------------   -------------------   
01/21/2021 KD8PJB G Daniel R Ferguson   Nelsonville 
01/21/2021 KD8PJD G Rodney E Haines     Athens 
01/22/2021 KC8QDP E Curtis M. Duncan    Athens 
01/22/2021 KC8QDQ E Jeramy G. Duncan    Glouster 
02/15/2021 KC8QKL T Shonda D Duncan     Athens 
02/22/2021 KD8PON T Brenda L Ferguson   Nelsonville 
03/14/2021 KD8PRZ T Patrick L Gabriel   Nelsonville 
03/14/2021 KD8PSA T Kay R Gabriel       Nelsonville 
03/15/2021 KC8QMO E Mark D Guda         Athens 
03/25/2021 KD8PUI G Mike T Cunningham   Amesville 
03/25/2021 KD8PUJ T Janet M Slattery    Athens 
04/27/2021 KC8RHH T Molly K Cottrill    Millfield 
06/03/2021 KC8PND T Mike J. Blake       Nelsonville 
06/15/2011 KC8RRI G Michael S Moore     Millfield 
06/15/2021 KC8RRJ T Thomas G. Moore     Athens 
07/06/2021 KG8JL  E Jason D Licht       The Plains 
07/18/2021 KD8QNI T Eric D Juniper      Nelsonville 
09/16/2021 K8WJW  E William J Warthman  Athens 
10/14/2021 W9AON  G Joseph H Berman     Athens 
10/16/2021 KC8SIN T Shane A. Sloan      The Plains 
10/22/2021 N8QPW  G Donald A Ellis      Albany 
11/01/2021 KC8SLA G Bruce R. Tong       Athens 
11/05/2021 KA8TKO G Jon D Tobin         Stewart
12/24/2021 W8VKJ  G Carrol A Riley      The Plains 
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