Athens Co OH 2022 Ham License Expirations

Athens County Ohio
Year 2022 Ham License Expirations
(as of October 1, 2021)

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Expiration  Call  Cl   Name               Address                City/Town ULS Link
========== ====== = ==================   ====================    ========= ========
01/07/2022 KA8LGK G Gus M Morris         PO Box 275            Nelsonville ULS Link
03/11/2022 KC2JGV T Aaron D Venezia      4 Blossom Lane         The Plains ULS Link
03/14/2022 KC8THG T David H Smith        39271 State Route 681       Shade ULS Link
03/14/2022 KC8THI G Royce T. Holliday    POB 735                    Athens ULS Link
03/16/2022 KD8RYJ T Christopher Howerth  101 Dudley Drive           Athens ULS Link
03/28/2022 K8CFI  T Kevyn J Maurath      617 Vanderhoof Rd       Coolville ULS Link
03/29/2022 K8PSK  G Glenn D Easterling   886 Sr 7                Coolville ULS Link
03/31/2202 N8SUZ  E Samuel J Slattery    45 Carol Ln                Athens ULS Link
04/09/2022 AC8K   E Nasseef A. Abukamail 12 Canterbury Dr           Athens ULS Link
05/18/2022 N8VZ   E Carl J Denbow        17 Coventry Ln             Athens ULS Link
05/19/2022 N8TRB  T Joel Christian       255 Kontner St        Nelsonville ULS Link
05/19/2022 N8TRK  G Leslie H Westfall    265 Kontner St        Nelsonville ULS Link
05/30/2022 N8TDY  T Mark E Rollins       12606 Liars Corner Rd   Millfield ULS Link
08/31/2022 N8MN   E Dana P Buckley       26 Maple St              Glouster ULS Link
09/08/2022 N8VOU  T Jerrold E Sullivan   17616 S Akron Ave         Buchtel ULS Link
09/18/2022 AC8MW  E Dennis L Snedden     6747 Bethany Ridge Rd   Guysville ULS Link
09/26/2022 N8UVM  E Robert Peoples       8300 W Bailey Road      Millfield ULS Link
10/13/2022 NS8O   E Greg L Weinfurtner   40192 State Route 689      Albany ULS Link
10/15/2022 KC8UWZ G John P Byers         9265 Derthick Rd         Glouster ULS Link
11/22/2022 W8CEB  T Curtis E Barnes      PO BOX 215             The Plains ULS Link
12/29/2022 N8WJH  T Larry F Ball         5590 Ireland Rd         Coolville ULS Link
12/31/2022 K8ELD  E Evan L Dickinson   37248 Salem School Lot Rd    Albany ULS Link

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