Athens County Ohio Ham Radio Database

 Call  Cl Exp.         Name and Street Address               City       Zip 
 ----- -- ---- ---------------------------------------- -------------- -----
 AB8MZ         (now AC8K)
 AC8BZ         (now WI8G)
 KA8JXG        (now N8VZ)
 KB8LPW        (now KG8JL)
 KB8ZSK        (now W8DUX)
 KC8BHI        (now W8UKE)
 KC8DLZ        (now N8MN)
 KC8DXZ        (now K8AHS)
 KC8HXB        (now W8CEO)
 KC8JHL        (now AB8MY)
 KC8KBW        (now AB8NA)
 KC8QGL        (now K8BEE)
 KC8QKP        (now W8NEO)
 KC8RHG        (now K8ELD)
 KC8SKZ        (now AC8K)
 KC8YUO        (now W8VCO)
 KC8ZBS        (now AB8SQ)
 KD8DJD        (now AB8XG)
 KD8EAA        (now W8MLP)
 KD8EXW        (now AK8V)
 KD8MZA        (now K8PAW)
 KD8ZCH        (now AC8W McArthur OH)
 KE8ICQ        (now AD8BD)
 KE8JDC        (now N8NWB) 
 KE8MMV        (now KA1MEE)
 KE8NUP        (now N8MHV)
 KE8QMG        (now KE8ALX)
 KE8SIS G 2031 (now KE8VDR) 
 N8ATB         (now W9AON)
 N8LVX         (now K8PSK)
 W8QO          (now KG8JL)
 W8VCM         (now W8QO)
 WD8BBW        (now W8WHA)
 WD8JLM        (now W8PG)
 WD8KKH        (now WB8C)
 WD8LWC        (now K8WJW)
 WB8C          (now AC8MW)

 Callsign data last updated July 1, 2024.

 35410 search requests have been processed since February 6, 2000.

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  Rev. 31-Mar-2024 (KB9AFT & W8KVK)