Athens County Ohio Ham Radio Database

 Call  Cl Exp.         Name and Street Address               City       Zip 
 ----- -- ---- ---------------------------------------- -------------- -----
 AB8JE  E 2017 *(Silent Key)* Clay C Bennett                    Athens 45701
 AB8NA  E 2018 *(Silent Key)* Ernest Michael Brown      New Marshfield 45766
 AK8V   E 2027 *(Silent Key)* Raymond A Croxford                Athens 45701
 K4GST  G 2004 *(Silent Key)* Lyle H Munn                       Athens 45701
 K8EIQ  G 2015 *(Silent Key)* James R Wolfe                   Glouster 45732
 K8EYI  G 2017 *(Silent Key)* Roger E Wolfe                     Athens 45701
 K8GWH  G 2008 *(Silent Key)* Lloyd M Graham Sr             The Plains 45780
 K8MMC  A 2009 *(Silent Key)* Marion M Crawley                  Athens 45701
 K8PSK  G 2022 *(Silent Key)* Glenn D Easterling             Coolville 45723
 K8TUT  G 2026 *(Silent Key)* William H Creighton               Athens 45701
 KA8NDC A 2028 *(Silent Key)* Rodney G Holley                   Athens 45701
 KA8NHX N 2008 *(Silent Key)* Don R Anderson                 Millfield 45761
 KA8NID G 2004 *(Silent Key)* William I Moorehead               Athens 45701
 KA8TKM G 2014 *(Silent Key)* Melvin L Brooks           New Marshfield 45766
 KA8YMH N 2005 *(Silent Key)* William M Johnson Jr          The Plains 45780
 KB8AYZ G 2019 *(Silent Key)* Randall H Mace                    Athens 45701
 KB8EVF P 2018 *(Silent Key)* Thomas G Ferguson                 Athens 45701
 KB8GBJ N 2008 *(Silent Key)* Robert Wachenschwanz           Millfield 45761
 KB8LV  A 2012 *(Silent Key)* Charles E Evans                 Glouster 45732
 KB8UUD P 2004 *(Silent Key)* Bobby L Harris                   Buchtel 4571
 KB8WQM G 2005 *(Silent Key)* Charles E Williams                 Shade 45776
 KC8GWE P 2007 *(Silent Key)* Terry L Crabtree                  Athens 45701
 KC8HXQ T 2007 *(Silent Key)* Frank W Dunlevy Jr          Jacksonville 45740
 KC8IEA T 2017 *(Silent Key)* David L Conkey              Jacksonville 45740
 KC8IFD P 2017 *(Silent Key)* John E O'Donnell               Amesville 45711
 KC8JWY N 2018 *(Silent Key)* Gregory E Broadhurst              Athens 45701
 KC8MAP P 2019 *(Silent Key)* Mark R. Van Doren         New Marshfield 45766
 KC8OVB E 2020 *(Silent Key)* James E. Crouse                   Athens 45701
 KC8RYL T 2021 *(Silent Key)* David B. Underwood             Guysville 45735
 KC8SPQ T 2011 *(Silent Key)* Gary B Lemley             New Marshfield 45766
 KC8WZE T 2023 *(Silent Key)* Barbara I Kamento               Glouster 45732
 KD8DKN T 2016 *(Silent Key)* Robert M Mayer                    Athens 45701
 KD8FRN T 2017 *(Silent Key)* Garry E Bruce                 The Plains 45780
 KD8IMS G 2018 *(Silent Key)* Gary L Hudson                     Athens 45701
 KD8NLH T 2020 *(Silent Key)* Charles H Tholin               Coolville 45723
 KD8WVY T 2024 *(Silent Key)* Lowell M Jacobs                   Athens 45701
 KE8GS0 T 2027 *(Silent Key)* Tyler D Smathers                  Athens 45701 
 KF8TD  A 2002 *(Silent Key)* Ellis B Dew                     Glouster 45732
 KI8CA  E 2017 *(Silent Key)* Peter Morris                    Glouster 45732
 N8FAA  A 2011 *(Silent Key)* William F. Kane                    Shade 45776
 N8HEK  A 2027 *(Silent Key)* Murray R Chapman Sr               Athens 45701
 N8ION  P 2007 *(Silent Key)* Ron W Pittman                Nelsonville 45764
 N8MWK  E 2026 *(Silent Key)* Russell G Ellis                Glouster 45732
 N8QHR  T 2011 *(Silent Key)* Ralph C Hinerman             Nelsonville 45764
 N8VOV  T 2012 *(Silent Key)* Warren Ferguson           New Marshfield 45766
 NC8V   E 2009 *(Silent Key)* John A Cornwell                   Athens 45701
 NV5Z   E 2025 *(Silent Key)* Edwin S Thomas                    Albany 45710
 W3GYD  G 2013 *(Silent Key)* Henri C Zuber                     Athens 45701
 W5XF   E 2017 *(Silent Key)* Jim Mayer                     The Plains 45780
 W8BGS  G 2011 *(Silent Key)* Gilbert D. Bingman              Glouster 45732
 W8CRS  A 2004 *(Silent Key)* Fred C. Heffken                 Glouster 45732
 W8CSH  A 2012 *(Silent Key)* Armond F Rist                     Athens 45701
 W8KMM  A 2017 *(Silent Key)* James C Gilfert                   Athens 45701
 W8NEO  T 2011 *(Silent Key)* Beverly S. Barnes                 Albany 45710
 W8VKJ  G 2021 *(Silent Key)* Carrol A Riley                The Plains 45780
 W8WHA  G 2016 *(Silent Key)* William H Arnott               Coolville 45723
 W8ZZO  E 2016 *(Silent Key)* William S Masters                Gouster 45732
 W9AON  G 2031 *(Silent Key)* Joseph H Berman                   Athens 45701
 WA8EBE G 2013 *(Silent Key)* John Dillon Sr                  Glouster 45732
 WB8CEE G 2018 *(Silent Key)* Charles G Bennett                 Athens 45701
 WB8NMZ G 2017 *(Silent Key)* Francis H Crane                   Athens 45701
 WB8RWK T 2014 *(Silent Key)* Eurless L Shellman                Athens 45701
 WB8SYW G 2014 *(Silent Key)* Richard E Perry                   Athens 45701
 WB8TEP G 2024 *(Silent Key)* Sharron R Perry                   Athens 45701
 WD8IUY G 2009 *(Silent Key)* Robert E Williams             The Plains 45768

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