A Self-Contained Searchable Database
of over 94,000 eQSL.cc™ AG Members

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This utility is designed for eQSL.cc™ Award Hunters who might need a lookup tool for quickly determining if a specific station is AG certified, and thus is a valid contact for eQSL.cc Awards.

The program is a small "Terminate and Stay Resident" (TSR) Hotkey-activated package designed for your shack computer desktop. It is a self contained executable (no 'installation' required) and can be run on a flash drive for easy portability. An active internet connection is not required for operation. It uses the frequently updated eQSL.cc AGMemberList database file which you will want to download (often!) from eQSL.cc (see below).

There are two small downloads you will need for this project:

This project was created for our own local interests, and may not be suitable for, or usable by, all operators or computers. It was primarily written for, and tested under, Windows XP SP3, and Windows 7.

73 de Ted W8KVK - Athens OH USA