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 1. NA6MF  Ames Research Center             ARC   California
 2. NA6SA  Armstrong Flight Research Center AFRC  California
 3. NA8SA  Glenn Research Center            GRC   Ohio
 4. WA3NAN Goddard Space Flight Center      GSFC  Maryland
 5. NA1SS  International Space Station      ISS   Earth orbit
 6. W6VIO  Jet Propulsion Laboratory        JPL   California
 7. W5RRR  Johnson Space Center             JSC   Texas
 8. N1KSC  Kennedy Space Center             KSC   Florida
 9. KG4NJA Langley Research Center          LARC  Virginia
10. NN4SA  Marshall Space Flight Center     MSFC  Alabama
11. TBD    Stennis Space Center             SSC   Mississippi
12. W4WFF  Wallops Fight Facility           WFF   Virginia
13. N5BL   White Sands Complex              WSC   New Mexico
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January 2018 - W8KVK