One of my favorite APRS efforts was the 2013 MS-Walk charity event,
which ran on the Athens Ohio bikeway in cold and windy conditions.
By its nature, many participants required an added measure of
safety monitoring, including several wheelchairs. Event organizers
also wanted to know when to expect the first of the walkers 
to return so they could have hot chocolate ready!

This was kind of a neat opportunity for a high profile demonstration
of Amateur Radio capabilities, by projecting a real-time lead/last
walker map on a wall in the Athens OH Community Center conference room.
The map was designed and coded by Rob, KB9AFT and was quite popular
with those in attendance. 

Locally, many of us own or have access to portable APRS trackers for
which we ought to be making much wider use. Please be on the lookout
for future events to which we might contribute, and enjoy executing.

fyi/73/ted (W8KVK Athens OH)