Packet Radio Proposal:
Approval Request for ACARA Membership

Packet radio is an amateur radio technology from the early 1980s that sends data over the air between computers (or even dumb terminals). Despite its age, Packet Radio in Ohio is growing and flourishing. It is used for mail, chat, TCP/IP, weather stations, position mapping, and even sending short messages via the International Space Station (ISS). Many packet stations can also act as a 'digipeater,' linking distant stations with each other through ad hoc networks. Especially useful for grid-down emergency communications. Reference Links:

Current Athens Co. Packet Radio Development is being undertaken by an informal working group (N8VZ, KC3EKE, W8KVK, W8OF, KB8UVN), which has completed an experimental, low-profile, 'proof of concept' local network. This network is up and running on 145.05 mHz and is connected to the Ohio and worldwide packet networks, providing mail, chat, TCP/IP, Winlink, emergency communicatons, and other services.
see network diagram).

ACARA Membership Approval Request: In order to improve Athens Co. coverage and data throughput, the Working Group respectfully requests Membership approval to install and operate a Packet Network Control Hub at the ACARA-owned building at the Peach Ridge repeater site. A motion to this effect will be presented at the next ACARA meeting. This building does not currently house any ACARA equipment.
(About this Building).

Technical Details: The proposed hub will consist of power supply, NetRom network controller, 2-meter transceiver, omni antenna, bandpass filter, Polyphaser bulkhead lightning protection, and AC mains surge suppressor. Much of this equipment is left over from previous packet projects, and none will need to be provided by ACARA. No ACARA funds will be needed.

Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) is another popular example of packet radio use in the Athens County OH area. ACARA operates W8UKE-1 24/7 on 144.39 Mhz. For those just getting started with packet equipment and software, this station offers a helpful way to test your station's proper operation. Here's how to do this

The Athens County Packet Radio mailing list is an informal way to stay up to date on area packet radio developments, and to exchange ideas and options. Contact Ted (W8KVK) to subscribe.