Athens Co OH 2023 Ham License Expirations

Athens County Ohio
Year 2023 Ham License Expirations
(as of January 2, 2024)

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FCC Registration Numbers (FRN) and to print a Reference Copy of the current license.
Expiration  Call  Cl   Name               Address                City/Town ULS Link
========== ====== = ==================   ====================    ========= ========
01/28/2023 KC8VPM T John W Ice  44 E Main St PO BOX 89        Jacksonville ULS Link
01/28/2023 KC8VPO T Joshua Hogue      PO BOX 33                    Trimble ULS Link
01/28/2023 KC8VPP T Robert J Sparks   331 SR 681                    Albany ULS Link
01/29/2023 KD8TXK T Geoffrey S Taylor    37999 Vance Rd             Albany ULS Link
03/15/2023 KD8UHN T James M. Underwood   22395 Jordan Run Rd     Guysville ULS Link
03/23/2023 AA8SA  E Howard M Fox      PO Box 1081                   Athens ULS Link
04/29/2023 KC8WMZ T Darry V Michael    PO Box 22                The Plains ULS Link
06/28/2023 KD8VFW G Joseph Jennings      PO Box 990                 Athens ULS Link
11/23/2023 N8JUF  E John P Beale     13818 Robinson Ridge Rd        Athens ULS Link

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If you need additional assistance, please call the FCC
FRN Help Desk at (877) 480-3201 (Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-6 p.m. ET)