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Classic Vibroplex "Bug" Deluxe "Presentation" edition

Horace Martin invented the semi-automatic "Bug" code key and started the VIBROPLEX company in 1905. He got it right on the first try, and Martin's original key design is still made today for the active Amateur Radio operator. The "bug" key represents a retro look back to the rich tradition of CW operation in the hobby and many of them are in use on the air today with each operator's distinctive fist giving their code transmission a unique sound on the air.

Bug keys are designed for 20-50 WPM operation, but can be slowed further with the addition of the optional Vari-Speed device. This accessory allows operators to build their code speeds while enjoying the classic feel and performance of the Bug.

This is a highly-collectible Bug (Serial # below) is an original deluxe "Presentation" edition featuring 24K gold plated brass plate on a highly polished decorative chrome base with bright chrome top parts. Jeweled movements as used on the Original Deluxe key. Very good mechanical and cosmetic condition.

Current MSRP = $353.95 / Asking: $120.00