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The Icom IC-756 Pro II is the worthy successor of the famous Icom 756, Icom 756 Pro, and covers all nine HF ham bands plus 6 meters (receive from 30 kHz - 60 MHz). The high resolution 4.9 inch TFT color dot matrix LCD display provides more operating information than you've ever had before, including a real-time spectrum scope (12.5, 25, 50 or 100 kHz). You can even select from seven different display fonts and eight different screen backgrounds. The Pro-II features a 32-bit floating point DSP Digital IF filter with 51 selectable bandwidths. Soft and sharp filter shapes can be selected in both SSB and CW modes independently. You also get: microphone equalizer, manual notch function, twin peak audio filter, digital twin pass band tuni ng (PBT), all mode squelch, multi-function analog meter, including PSK31, and much more. No additional filters or high stability crystal oscillators are available or needed. The filters are the sharpest - more selective than any crystal or mechanical filters. The selectivity lets you pull out weak signals like never before.

Transmit audio is fully configurable with the sophisticated 121 position microphone equalizer. A powerful RF speech compressor is great for breaking through noise to grab that DX contact. This radio includes an HM-36 hand mic.

Radio shows some wear and minor scuffs, but overall is in good cosmetic and operating condition. Bench tests 11/17/18 show power output up to spec on all HF bands. We lack a credible meter to measure 6-meter power output, but radio is used to check in to W8WG's Monday night 6M FM net with good signal reports. Radio is available for operational inspection by appointment.

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