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MFJ 259 SWR and Antenna Analyzer

The MFJ-259 SWR Analyzer is an easy to operate, versatile test instrument for analyzing nearly any 50 ohm RF system on frequencies between 1.8 and 170 MHz. In addition the MFJ- 259 can be used as signal source and as an accurate frequency counter.

The MFJ-259 combines four basic circuits; a wide range oscillator, a frequency counter, a 50 ohm RF bridge, and a calibrated bridge unbalance indicator. This combination of circuits allows measurement of the SWR (referenced to 50 ohms) of any load connected to the ANTENNA connector. The MFJ-259 FREQUENCY switch selects the following frequency ranges:

The MFJ-259 can be used to adjust or measure the following: The MFJ-259 is also portable. It can be used with either an external low voltage supply, such as the MFJ-1312B AC adapter or with internal AA battery packs.

This unit has been bench tested using external 12 VDC and performs per spec. It has not been tested using AA batteries.

Very good cosmetic condition with original hardcopy user manual.

Asking: $89.00 / User Manual