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Genuine Wm. M. Nye Co. "Speed-X" Keys

First made by Les Logan, then by E.F. Johnson, and now by Wm. M. Nye Company, the zinc bases of the Speed-X keys have been cast in the the same molds since the 1930's. Ever since taking over the E.F. Johnson Co. in 1975, Nye has been making keys and paddles with the same strong tradition of quality and value which continues today in every Wm. M. Nye, Speed-X, and Nye Viking branded-product.

The keys shown above all share these common features/specifications:

Key-Specific Descriptions from left to right

(1) Speed-X Key integrated into a fully operational Code-Practice Oscillator: (unique!)

(2) The Classic Rectangular Speed-X (still made today!):

(3) *** SOLD ***: