2022 BlackSwan Communications Exercise
CCEB ACP 131(F), Communications Instructions Operating Signals
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Code  Description: (Precede with "INT" for making code an inquiry)    
====  ============================================================    
AS  Wait`                                                             
AR  Out, I am terminating the contact`                                
INT Interrogatory, used as a leading signal to turn the signal into a question`
ZBO Traffic: (quantity) (precedence) (target), e.g., N2LC DE KD8TTE ZBO 1 P WD8SAB`
ZBR Send your traffic (to...) using: R Direct Method (ZBRR); F Broadcast Method, (ZBRF)`
ZEU Exercise (drill) message.`                                        
ZEV Message acknowledged; also INT ZEV=Send acknowledgement; ZUG ZEV=Don't acknowledge`
ZGN Nothing heard from you (or...) (since...)`                        
ZKA I am the net control station on this frequency.`                  
ZKB Net is directed; ZUG ZKB = This net is free (not same as closed, see ZKJ`)
ZKD Take control of net (for...) (until...) Even for short time`      
ZKE I am reporting into this net`                                     
ZKJ Close down - leaving this frequency (may be going off-air)`       
ZKM Take guard (for...) (on...kHz (or MHz)).`                         
ZKN I have taken over guard on...kHz (or MHz).`                       
ZKP I am (or...is) radio guard for... (on...kHzMHz).`                 
ZKR I am (or...is) maintaining watch on...kHz/MHz.`                   
ZKS Following stations are keeping watch on...kHz/MHz)(or are in net).`
ZNB Authentication requested for... (+2 characters)`                  
ZNB BlackSwan Authenticate / Authentication Footnote`
ZNE I am prepared to authenticate.`                                   
ZUG Negative (No).`                                                   
ZVR Retransmit this message (or msg #) at once to all subordinate stations.`
QRU I have nothing for you.`                                          
QSA The strength of your signals (or those of...) is... (1 to 5)`     
QSP Relay to.... (I will relay free of charge)`                       
QTC I have...messages for you (or for...).`                           

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