Raspberry Pi (3 or 4) Packet Radio Build
Using Debian Bullseye OS, LinPac Packet Radio Terminal
and Homebrew Radio Interface Board
By Bill Warthman - (K8WJW) - March, 2024

You will need to install "Build-a-Pi" by KM4ACK. There are videos included that you will want to view in order help you configure and understand Build-a-Pi. Build-a-Pi has a lot of amateur radio programs that you can install if you want to, but for packet radio these are what I installed:

Included with Build-a-Pi:

If you want to transmit beacons, See these Instructions

Additional separate elements, not included in Build-a-Pi:

Use this link for a video on how to install LinPac. When you get to the "./configure" command in the video you will need to use the following command:

./configure --build=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu

Just follow the rest on the video to finish the installation.

↑ Complete packet station.
Radio and Raspberry Pi 4 and Radio Interface.

↑ Radio Interface top left corner radio audio in and out and PTT .
Top right corner audio in and out to USB sound card .
Bottom left PTT circuit - Wiring Schematics

↑ The USB sound card dongle is just a basic dongle I got from Amazon.